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12V/3.33A Desk Type Power Supply

Product Description

12V/3.33A  Desk Type Power Supply

    1. Rated Input Voltage/Frequence:100~240V / 50~60Hz

    2. Input Current:<1.2A

    3. Rated Output Voltage/Current:12V/3.33A

    4. Inrush Current:No damage

    5. Ripple&Noise:<150mV

    6. Protection Function:OCP,OVP,SCP

    7. Surge immunity:Common mode:4KV Max;Differential mode:2KV Max

    8. Rated Oputput Power:40W max

    9. Efficiency Level:VI

    10. Input Plug:IEC320-C6,IEC320-C8,IEC320-C14

    11. Whether with Y capacitor:Yes

    12. Other function:Support 6.2A Peak load

    13. Product Size:116.3*52.4*31.3mm

    14. Safety certification:CCC

    15. Operating temperature range:0℃ to +40℃, 10%RH to 90%RH

    16. Product Model:DFP123330D-U

    17. Application:Network terminal, Security monitor, etc.

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