I.O.T System
IoT deployments can mean many things to differing business sectors. At Defang, we try to make the entire IoT deployment and maintenance process as simple and cost-effective as possible. Staying ahead of the curve, we provide multi-carrier, multi-technology solutions. That means regardless of your chosen carrier, and regardless of the underlying technology, Defang solutions can connect and provide numerous advantages.

Telecom & CATV Series Products
Defang produces a wide variety of CATV products, assemblies and accessories designed to meet the specific application needs of our customers.

Fiber Optics
Our fiber optic products are always engineered to meet the most demanding requirements for ensuring safety and reliability. Custom assemblies made to order using the latest technology, premium materials and proven processes available.

Welcome to Defang Technology
We offer a wide range of products designed and produced by us, under the most demanding international standards and rules, we differentiate ourselves from the rest by our competitive prices and adapted to each market, deliver quickly and give personalized attention to all our customers.


About Us
  Our team of professionals with more than 20 years of experience make Defang a manufacturer that knows the needs of its customers. Our main value is honesty.


  We offer cutting edge products for the telecommunication sectors, we also serve customers in the automotive sector who use our experience and innovation.


  We have evolved to cater to all of customers improving with the time. We invest in the latest technology and continuously train our R & D team to design cutting-edge products.


  We decided to have factories in Shanghai and Shenzhen. Open offices in Hong Kong and USA. We have representatives for Latin America in Colombia and Venezuela. And also, distributors in USA, Mexico, Colombia and Chile.

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We serve 20 countries with a work team committed to making the best
telecommunication products. We have presence in:

North America
Central America
South America
The Caribbean
Middle East

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